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Partner situation on 482 visa

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Hello everyone,

I have a question that I was not able to get an answer to after a lot internet searching.

I'm currently on a 482 visa with my partner which was granted until December 2020. My current job contract with my sponsor will end in mid may 2020, and I have no intentions of renewing it since I plan to move to Europe for another job. However, my partner would like to stay until September 2020 to keep working and save some money before coming to Europe as well. Nothing has changed with our relationship and we plan to be only 2 months apart while I set up everything in our new destination.

My question is the following: is it possible for her to stay after 60 days of my contract expiring? My visa explicitly says that I require to be working to my nominated sponsor to retain the visa or I have 60 days to leave, but my partner's visa only requires an appropriate health insurance. Is my partner's status affected in any way by me leaving?

Thank you so much for the help.



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