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Bella Briccolani

Incorrect Medical Required. £500+!!!!!

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Good Afternoon, 

I am seeking really urgent advice for a friend travelling to Australia in March. 

She currently works for South Wales Police as a PROJECT MANAGER. Before this role she worked in the headquarters completing ADMIN AND SUPPORT STAFF ROLES. 

She has NEVER been in the line of duty, she’s NEVER “served” her country. Her roles within the police have always been desk based and not field based. 

She was advised, in her application by someone, that she should write that she has SERVED in the police. This has therefore invited Sophia to complete a medical examination costing in the region of  £400 - £500+

She is absolutely mortified that because someone has ill advised her, she now has to complete a full medical before her Visa can be confirmed and accepted. She has never had any medical history or issues. The most she’s ever had is a cold. No history in the family of poor health etc. 

Please can someone advise us on what she can do? She is very panicked that money she’s saved for her move, is now going to have to be spend on a medical which isn’t necessary. 

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If she currently works for the police force, regardless of what she does there, then she works for the police force. If that then requires a more thorough medical then that's how it is.

Not sure how it is ill advised to put down your current employment. Hiding your current employment would amount to visa fraud i would assume

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What visa subclass has she applied for, and what period of stay in Australia?

Her application would have asked both health and character questions. Was her response in relation to a character question, such as the following:

Q. Has any applicant ever served in a military force, police force, state sponsored / private militia or intelligence agency (including secret police)?

Luke (Lucan) Gorham LL.B


Registered Migration Agent (MARN 0964676)

Contact me at Australian Visa Advice


Please note that this posting is of a general nature only. It does not constitute legal or migration advice and may not apply to your particular circumstances.

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