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Skilled Independent Visa (189) with 75 points and no work experience?

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Hello everyone!
I am interested in applying for the Skilled Independent Visa (189).
I currently score 75 points and my occupation (Musician - Instrumental) is on the list of occupations. I have a couple of questions regarding this visa:

1. Are 75 points enough? I know recent rounds have accepted people with 90+ points only, but I know that it can be different based on the occupation. However, my occupation wasn't on the list of recently accepted, so I can't check. 

2. My occupation is on the main list, but not in the list of recently accepted. Does that mean no one with my skills set has applied?

3. How do I check the level of demand for a specific occupation?

4. I have been in education all my life. I only ever had a year off for work, which wasn't skill related. I am about to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree and spend another year working before applying (probably not going to be skill related either.....) I currently have more than 65 points even without work experience, but I'm afraid it's still going to affect my chances. Is it going to? 



I just checked and found out the occupational ceiling for my occupation is 1000, but no invitations were made in a while. Is this bad news? I don't understand if it means no one applied, or if they did and weren't good enough? Someone help haha 

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