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Buying a property on BVA with Australian citizen partner

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I'm in the process of moving from the UK to Australia (or will be once border restriction are relaxed) and will be applying for my 820/801 when I arrive. I've been with my partner for a number of years who is an Australian citizen and we are looking to buy a property when I arrive, most likely in Victoria. I've been doing some research on buying a property while on a temporary visa (the BVA I will be put on when I arrive) and the different rules which apply in terms of permission from the FIRB and the amount which can be borrowed for a mortgage (80% for temporary residents vs 95% for permanent residents I read somewhere).

I've also read on one site that "An exception is when buying with a spouse who is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident as ‘joint tenants’ in which case you are exempted from obtaining a FIRB approval." We will be buying the property as joint tenants.

I was wondering if anyone had experience here and could advise on the above?

Thanks in advance!

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