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Visa 309 Processing Times changed

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Hi All,

Processing times for visa 309 was recently changed to 13 - 17 months.

My application will be on 21 months this coming May 27th. Given that the processing times has been updated, do you think I can email the immigration to follow up? Would you be able to share the email address of the immigration where I can contact them?

Thanks! :)

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7 minutes ago, Illusiionist said:

I noticed that time change on my immi account today . Hope we will get a good news soon. By the way you applied from which country?


Yes, processing times had dropped a lot. I'm really hoping for a good news. :)

I applied from the Philippines. Processing times and number of grants have been significantly slow.

How about you?

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2 minutes ago, Illusiionist said:

I applied from Bangladesh. Average processing time for Bangladeshi is 12-15 Months. 

Oh that's a lot shorter. How long have you been waiting?

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On 5/26/2020 at 2:18 PM, Illusiionist said:

I got an email today from the immi regarding my visa. They wrote my visa is in progress 😁. Did you get any mail from them? 

Oh that's really good! :)

No, I haven't. It's still on Received status. I received 2 auto generated emails saying it's still in progress but the status hasn't changed at all. :( 

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