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Parent of sponsor

Request to travel during coronavirus

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Can anyone help with the steps to take?  From what I understand, if you do not hold a visa to travel to Australia you need to:

1.  Apply for an ETA

2.  Apply for Request to Travel (immediate family member of Aust citizen)

If you are granted an Australian ETA - does the first 3 month period commence on the date the ETA is issued, or on the date you enter the country?

How soon after the ETA is granted should you submit the " Request to Travel"? 

How long did you wait for your request to be approved?

Was your request successful?

What documents did you submit to support proof of your relationship?




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I want to apply for a visa
You should reconsider your need to apply for an Australian visa at this time and check this page regularly for updates on travel restrictions and visa processing.  

Visa processing arrangements
The Department is prioritising processing visa applications for those travellers in the exempt categories to support urgent travel.

We encourage applicants to apply online wherever possible, as these applications will be processed faster than those lodged on paper.

You will not be able to apply for an ETA online while the travel restrictions are in place.

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14 minutes ago, Parent of sponsor said:

how do you apply if not online? or do you have to apply for a different visa?

You can't. 

They have suspended applications while the travel restrictions are in force


The exemption is for those that already have a valid visa to enter Australia. If you don't currently have a visa you will have to wait until Australia opens its borders

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