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Partner visa 820 & visitor visa

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Hi all,

Since the situation with COVID happen, I will be forced to change my plans. At the moment I am living in Austria, but because of the situation I will lose my job in September. 

My plan was to start the procedure for an offshore visa. I have been together with my future wife for 4 years and we have been living together in Austria for 3 years. As the situation changed, without a job, applying offshore is not a option anymore.

After the wedding in August,  I plan to apply onshore for the 820 visa, what are the possibilities she will get the 8503 condition (no future stay ) in her visitor visa ?

If in some case she does get the 8503 condition I plan to apply offshore again because of the shorter waiting time. In this case, would she be able to apply for a 1 year visitor visa as my wife, or the maximum she can get as a visitor is 3 months ?



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