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Will becoming an Australian Citizen affect my British/OCI status?

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I was born and raised in the UK (a British Citizen).
My parents are from India.
About 14 years ago I got an OCI card, which gave me a lifelong visa for when I visit India.

I moved to Australia 4.5 years ago on a Prospective Marriage Visa.
After I got married, I applied and was granted the temporary Partner Visa (820), then after two years I applied for the permanent Partner Visa (801).
The 801 visa was granted just over 1 year ago.

As I've been residing in Australia for 4 years and have held a permanent visa for over 1 year - I am now eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.
Before I do so, I just wanted to check whether or not having dual citizenship (UK and Australia) will affect my OCI status.

My understanding is that India does not consider OCI status to be status of citizenship.
Also the OCI is registered with my UK passport, so I will only be able to travel to India using my OCI with a valid UK passport.

I would prefer to become an Australian citizen, but only if it doesn't affect my OCI status.
If it does, then I guess I'll just have to renew my Permanent Visa status every 5 years.

Any help/advice on this subject will be greatly appreciated.

Oct 2014: PMV submitted in UK via migration agent | Sept 2015: PMV granted | Dec 2015: Arrived in Australia | March 2016: Got married | May 2016: Onshore Partner Visa 820/801 submitted via ImmiAccount | June 2016: 820 visa granted

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