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Assistance with filling out for 801/820 application

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Hi guys, hope you are all keeping safe and well 🙂 Just had a few questions regarding my wife's 801/820 application

Quick background: This is a conversion from prospective visa 300 which was granted Aug19, we got married in nov 2019 and application to convert to 801/820 was made in March 2020. We used an agent for the 300 visa but are going solo for this one. 

1) Since the March application we have not uploaded any documents to the immi portal. We are in the process of doing this now - is this going to affect or delay the outcome or be looked at negatively?

2) Now that we are uploading evidence, should we including documents that prove our relationship from the date we got married (nov 2019) to application date (march 2020)? Or include all evidence until today?

3) Is it better to format a PDF or word doc which includes the photos, forms, bank statements etc.. with captions and dates to explain it or just upload the raw evidence? I've noticed there is a limit of 1 document per sub-category.

4) Does anyone have any ideas on a timeline from date of application until the final PR is granted? 

Thank you so much for reading and contributing! 

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1. Best you upload ASAP. You do realise that if a CO looked at your application now and there is no evidence uploaded they will refuse your visa

2 You include evidence from the beginning of your relationship until today.

3 There is no limit of 1 document per category

4 The timeline for your visa is on your immiaccount and can change month to month. The 820 is not a PR. You will need to be granted 820 then at the 2 year mark of applying for 820/801 you can apply for 801 

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1 hour ago, Fahad said:

What is the Celebrant officiant Name in marriage section. Thank you for your help.

The name of the person who married you. Celebrant, priest etc etc

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Thank you SammyJ for your reply. I've uploaded about 20 docs now. With my point 3 of using a word doc, I was thinking of annotating our bank statements and sms chat history in order to explain how it connects to us living as a couple. Is the department okay with stuff like that?

Thanks again!

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