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Onshore Permanent Partner Visa 801 Application - question of when to apply

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My husband was granted his Onshore Temporary Partner Visa 820. We applied for this visa on 15 November 2019 (so nine months processing), after him having arrived to Australia on his PMV. 

I am a little confused as to the next step of the 801 visa. Do we submit this now, or do we wait to be invited by immigration to submit?

When I started the application in immi, it asked, Has 24 months passed since you applied for the visa? - I am assuming this is the 820. In which case no, only nine months. Answering no meant I couldn't continue filling out the application. 

But do we wait 24 months on his temporary partner visa before submitting the 801 application? 

I am finding the process a little difficult to understand. Any explanations would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance. 



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