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309/100 -More info request- health exam Q

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Hi there, I just received a request for more information for my 309/100 visa for health exam, police clearance and birth certificate/citizenship proof for my AU partner who has 3 citizenships (making it complicated for the case officer likely). 

Question- I already completed my health exam in feb 2020 and it was updated in my visa portal as complete - no action required. In this request, it says health examination list but then beside each for example: Medical examination (completed). Then it says later - "If a health examination is listed as 'Completed' this means that there is an existing examination that can be re-used for this visa application. You will not be asked to complete this examination again unless a repeat examination is required because your medical circumstances have changed or the examination has since expired." Why would it request more information for a this when it's already been done and cleared within the past 8 months? 

2. I uploaded my partner's passports for British, Canadian and AU as well as his birth extract for AU. They've requested a full copy of the citizenship certificates also and a full birth certificate. Has anyone else had issues with a partner having more then 1 citizenship and trying to get this information offshore? 

For anyone wondering, I applied for 309/100 in November, 2019 from Canada and was contacted today by a case officer. Thanks in advance for anyones similar experience! 

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