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Facing Refusal 820/801

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Hello all,

We lodged my 820/801 November 2019. We had 3 friends and family listed for our form 888’s on the online application. We had one complete the 888 from overseas but will not be recognized by immigration. 
The two Australian witnesses became unavailable directly after lodging my application. One moved to Bali unexpectedly and our other witness lost her mother to cancer and became distant and would not complete the 888. 
Since then, I have been able to gather two new friends of our family to submit the 888.

Unfortunately, one was uploaded 3 months after lodging and my application and the second one I will receive in a couple days almost a year after lodging my application.

Hopefully I am wrong but seems to me that I am almost certainly facing a refusal for not having the 888’s uploaded immediately after lodging my application. 
Im looking for a little advice on what to do or a hug whichever is more appropriate. 



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1 hour ago, SammyJ said:

Nothing to worry about. If a CO had looked at your case and noticed you hadn't uploaded the 888s they would ask for them in an RFI.

Don't stress its all good

Thank you but I spoke to a immigration lawyer today and was advised that my application will 99% be “invalidated” by the Department. I was told that the 888’s are schedule 1 requirements meaning must be uploaded immediately after lodging the application. They say that worst case would be taking the Tribunal and Minister under “compassionate” grounds. 
We may fit the requirements for “compassionate” grounds but I don’t like alternative which is lives ruined 

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888s are a requirement yes, but there is nothing anywhere that says they must be uploaded immediately. It is always in the best interest of the applicant to upload all the documents asap after lodging but they do give a bit of grace. 

Medicals and Police Checks are also a requirement but a lot of applicants hold off getting them till asked

Check the forums and FB groups and you will see multiple posts about uploading 888s long after lodgement. 

Im not sure why your lawyer is scaring you like that

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