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Should i apply for Partner Visa? (After 2 rejections : Dependent Visa and PR)

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Hi All,

I am living in Nepal and my wife is in Darwin, Australia. I was rejected my visa application twice.

First rejection :

Applied for dependent Visa. (My wife had Student visa)

Reason for refusal : Our marriage date was after her visa application and 3 days before her visa grant. They mentioned that we should have at least emailed them about the marriage but we were not aware that we need to do so.

Second Rejection

Applied for joint PR (She got the PR and i was rejected.)

Reason : They had doubt in our relationship. It had been three years since she left for Australia. But she had not returned in Nepal once. She was having difficult time studying so she used those semester breaks to study and work.

Additional Details : When the home affairs mentioned that we were lacking evidence the consultancy suggested her to visit me and we did. But home affairs mentioned that this visit was just done after they asked for evidence.


Now next suggestion was to apply for Partner visa. Should i directly apply for that now? I am not sure because as of now i think our condition remains same.(Lack of evidence). I was thinking to visit her with Tourist visa and live with her for some time and apply for it but this COVID has blocked all passages. Now i am just afraid if this increasing long distance gap will create another trouble.

Some evidence i have

  • All Chat details.
  • Joint account in Nepal.
  • Some money transactions that she sent her. 


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