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How To Start A Company/business In Thailand?

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My Girlfriend is coming to Australia for a while, but we will be spending time in Thailand as well, her sister is looking after the house for us and we want to set up a business/company to run the small farm through and the sales we will do through it, it will also allow me to get a work permit I hope.


Can anyone advise on what the best way is, use either a company ltd or limited partnership, which is better for work permit, tax etc



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Dear Sir,


Thank you for you question. 


We are Sunbelt Asia Legal is Thailand’s largest legal and business services network. Our offices in Bangkok can service clients in all areas of the country via email and personal visits. Our services include mergers and acquisitions, company formations, work permits, immigration, family law, marriage and divorce, property including usufructs and leases, condo purchases and more. We offer legal specialists in forming Board of Investment promoted companies and are offer expertise in forming companies for Americans under the Treaty of Amity.


Firstly it should be noted that you won't be able to set up at Limited partnership here in Thailand, as it only for a Thai citizens. 


Limited company in Thailand must have at least 2 million Baht of registered capital in order to obtain one work permit. It is recommended that at least 25% of the shares here be paid up when setting up the business. Only once this capital is established and you hire four Thai employees you would be able to obtain a valid Work Permit to legally work in Thailand.

3 shareholders are also required and at least 51% of the shares must be owned by Thai nationals if the business does not fall under certain qualifications allowing for 100% foreign ownership; such as a company that only exports, or if the company is being set up by American nationals using the Amity Treaty, or under the aegis of the Board of Investment (BOI).


We at Sunbelt Asia therefore offer a Joint Venture service whereby we can introduce a Limited Company in Thailand that can be a 51% shareholder in your company with an agreement stating that this company will have no voting rights on these shares and no entitlement to yearly dividends. Therefore you are safe in the knowledge that this will fulfill the Government requirement for 51% Thai ownership of the company with no risk to yourself. Rest assured this option comes with the authority to transfer in a Thai national or another Thai company as a shareholder as and when you please. Ultimately the main advantage here is the fact that you retain full control over the company without any outside involvement.


Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors would recommend setting up a Limited Company if you want a work permit. It is far more straight forward than other company structures and makes obtaining a visa and work permit much easier. In general work permits are not issued for anything other than a Limited Company. We can assist you with the process as we have years of experience in the process. Please do make an appointment for a free initial consultation so we can go over the legal and tax issues and requirements to get the company started. 


Please don't hesitate to send me an email, if you have any questions.


Best Regards. 

Mr. Oleg A. Glushak

Foreign Legal Advisor


Best Regards. 

Tel: 02-642-0213 
: 02-641-1995

Mobile: 061-519-4977



Making your dreams of being an entrepreneur a reality

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Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400

(Phra Ram 9 MRT Station Exit 1)


Tel: 02-642-0213

Fax: 02-641-1995

Website: www.sunbeltasia.com


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