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We are (my wife and I) are looking to buy a condo in Thailand instead of a Timeshare property, Can we own the condo outright? is there a special process that is needed to buy a condo, we are looking at Hua Hin as it seems a better area than Pattaya, we want something close to the beach.

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Yes a foreigner can own a condo out right under the foreign quota allotment. The condo management must ensure that your purchase falls under the quota but it is best to do due diligence on the condo before purchasing. 

The money must be sent from overseas and must be specified for that particular purchase; ie the specific address of the unit you are purchasing must be noted on the foreign exchange transaction form. This form must also be presented to the Land Office to transfer the condo to your name.


The process can go smoothly if you have right documentation and proper expert guidance.Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors  can help you with transfer of the condominium and also if you face any difficulty in opening a local bank account we can assist you with that as well.



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Some of the developers I have been looking at have some condo units that are a lot cheaper, they tell me they are Thai name ones, there is up to a 20% saving, is it safe to buy one of these and can it be done?

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