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Changing Briging Visa A To B

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My Filipino wife is currently on a briging visa A while  our onshore Partner visa is being processed.


I want to change the BV from A to B so she can travel.


The thing I'm unsure of is do you need to apply to have it changed to bridging visa B every trip and then it changes back to A when she returns to Australia or do they just change the bridging visa to multiply entry. ?


We travel a lot and have several trips booked both to her home to see family and other country's


Also does anyone know how long the proses time is for the bridging visa B as our next trip is the first week in December.


Thanks in advance Ash




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Hi Ash001


Kumusta? Your wife may lodge BVB application in person or mail to nearest DIBP office at least 2 weeks before her scheduled trip.


BVB will have multiple entry to and from Oz but states MUST NOT ARRIVE AFTER date. This date coincides with her intended travel dates. So do not just put travel date for 6mos - indicate specific dates, better if you attach evidence for purpose of travel (e.g. wedding invites, hotel & airticket reservation). 


I am now on my 2nd BVB for an overseas job assignment and apply for BVB every time I need to travel.  I normally get the visa grant after 5-7 working days through email. My visa doesn't change back to BVA every time am back home.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks all,  Mariamercedes she is from Cebu not Tagalog.


I have sent in the application for the B last week and I attached flight bookings for 4 trips over the next 6 months and a note we are planing another trip but not booked.


After I sent it I was thinking maybe I was meant to do one for each trip. Hopefully they will give her 12 months.

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