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Tourist Visa Upgrade To Partner Visa

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Hello AVF Members,


Quick query regarding VISA application !!!


I currently have Tourist VISA and i just got married with my wife on Student VISA. My the end of this week i am working to file Partner VISA application. My query is when i apply i will receive bridging visa so during this visa what are my possible rights? eg:

1. if i am allowed to work. 

2. if i am able to take short course.

3. if i am eligible for medical emergencies.

4. Possible visa decision wait time.

5. if i missed any thing.





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It depends on if there any restrictions on your BVA.


A BVA with no restrictions gives full rights to work, medicare, study. Processing times are god knows. Mine is currently saying 20-25months for the 820/801 visa. 

The BVA starts from when your tourist visa expires. So if your tourist visa expires say on January 1, that's when your BVA starts.


Also keep in mind you have to apply for a BVB to travel outside australia

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