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Tourist Visa 600 ( Philippines )

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Hello guys!!! I just need a help about better understanding on tourist visa we lodged last Nov 24 from Philippines ( online ). I created an application online myself and my kids. It was an individual application but there's a group ID attached to each of our reference app number. The problem is i got my grant noticed but my 2 kids is still on receive status. Is there any possibility that their application will be refuse? Im a bit worry because I will not leave without them, they are my dependents. I wanna hear experiences similar to mine and if the grant of kid(s) follow after like few days or weeks. We wanna catch cheaper airfare on or before xmas.Thanks heaps

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Unlikely they will be refused if you have a grant.  The website system is somewhat problematic.


Its worth a call to the ÅU Embassy local to you to confirm.


Have you received the grant letter?




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